Like a Mountain
 You always stood tall,
 I looked up to you,
 I was scared of you.
 Closed off and impenetrable,
 But you were loving and kind
 and welcomed me into your heart.
 As I explored, I could see the cracks,
 Broken parts that remained that unfixed
 You remained broken.
 It seemed like I was the only one
 who could really see you.
 Cold and impenetrable,
 That’s how you like to be seen.
 But if you try
 and persevere
 You’ll realise that those jagged wounds
 Is what makes you beautiful.
 Take that step, 
 conquer your mountain
 and show them
 your love.  
Mountain Solace
I'm here, standing before a thousand people,
They look away,
My pain makes them uncomfortable,
They see me,
They look right through me.

I turn to the hills and stand amongst the mountains,
They look at me, 
My pain makes them sad.
They see me, 
I look back and take solace,
They are strong.
They remind me I am too.

The mountains will never ignore me 
Only you do. 
                                      -A Poem by Amy W
Try to do good but you’re still invisible,
 The impact of your existence, minimal
 It is because I’m not pretty enough?
 Is it because I don’t try hard enough?
 When did the world stop being true to itself?
 It seems that fake is the new way to be yourself.
 Let’s all create a persona and make it real,
 You can lie to yourself all you want, but you know how you feel.
 No place for authenticity,
 When the world is full of toxicity.
 No place to speak your mind,
 Nowhere left to unwind.
 No place for authenticity,
 When the world is hell bent on complicity.
  - A poem by Amy W 

The mirror reflects my shame
My guilty eyes reflecting the blame
My words tearing me apart
My brain turning it into art
The mirror illuminates my hate
My eyes ridicule my weight
My hands roam over my guilt
The lost confidence I built
My thoughts overwhelm me
My spirit yearning to be free
The mirror reflects my sadness
As my mind tumbles into Madness
- A poem by Amy W
Stuck in the same monotonous routine
Staying home, staying local, so we can keep our conscious clean
When did Groundhog Day become more than just a movie?
Surrounded by fears of hopelessness, are we all going loony?
Yes, nothing is going anywhere, and neither are we
Our primal nature dominating our right to be free
Exercising our virtues of painstaking patience
All the while proving that all we only know is impatience
While we try and find beauty in what’s around us
And trying to find topics other than ‘that’ to discuss
Sacrificing our minds for the sake of the greater good
Feeling you can’t complain in fears of your worries being misunderstood
Not knowing which ‘ill’ will consume you first,
Either way you’re cursed I’m looking for a light,
A way out of this blight
A way of winning this fight
I’m tired of the moonlight
I’m looking for the daylight
But for now,
I accept that nothing is quite right
- A poem by Amy W
The Earth Breathed With Me
I saw a beautiful tree in the distance,
It was tall and strong.  Graceful.
It stood alone in the desolate fields,
It was spring, and the earth was waking.
I took a deep breath,
And the earth breathed with me.

I felt the happiness that had lived here,
From those seeking shelter, Comfort.
The memories seeped out from the earth,
From the couple kissing,
To the children playing.
I breathed a sigh of relief
And the earth breathed with me.

I tried to get closer, for shelter and peace,
But it was old and weary.  Hollow.
I sat beneath, and the leaves were falling,
I placed my hands on the broken earth
So desolate, so forgotten
So desperate for life.
I let out a cry of sorrow
And the earth cried with me.

I felt the sorrow that consumed it,
Once tall and proud.  Neglected.
The rain was here, falling gracefully through the leaves,
The droplets like beautiful crystals,
Teardrops of memories and innocence,
Like tears from a lost child, yearning for love.
I take shelter
And watch as the tears replenish the earth.
I took a deep breath
And the earth breathed with me.
- A poem by Amy W
I see you lying there with your perfect skin, perfect body,
I look at myself naked in the mirror,
I gently brush over my thighs, I clench,
Fear and anger consume me,
the raised flesh that litters my body,
I scream, but silently,
I want to be perfect, but I'm not.
If only you saw the hatred that consumed me,
I want to be the one to lie there, perfectly.
But I can't. Can't change what God gave me.
I stand there imperfectly, with an imperfect body
Naked. Alone. Ugly. Afraid.
- A poem by Amy W
Perfectly Imperfect 
I never understood what it was to be beautiful.
I'd stare at myself in the mirror for hours trying to understand.
God made you in his image. Perfectly Imperfect.
Emphasis on that last part.

I never understood how anyone could love me.
I'd stare into my soul, lies and deceit followed me.
Judas was my name. Mistake after Mistake.
Pathetic worthless piece of crap!

I never understood why you wasted your time.
I'd stare into your eyes and prayed for your innocence.
Lucifer ripped mine apart. Now he revels in my self pity.
Everything I did was wrong.

I never understood why I told myself all these things.
I'd stare at myself and shout at the person looking back.
I hate you. Angels wont save you. Who the hell are you?
Lost and confused.

I will never understand what it is to be loved.
I'd stare to heaven above and pray for my vengeance.
I am a sinner, condemn me, strike me.
Its no less than I deserve.

God made you in his image.
Perfectly Imperfect
- A poem by Amy W