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Circular Walks

Todmorden – Langfield Edge and Stoodley Pike

🥾 Distance: 8.53 🚅 Public Transport: Leeds – Manchester Victoria 🗺 Navigation: 3.5/5 🔴 Circular Walk

I don’t actually know how popular this walk is. I have done this route a few times and it has always been a quite pleasant walk which isn’t that strenuous. You see a lot of kids up on the route too. It sits within the North West / West Yorkshire border so a good choice from either side of the Pennines.

The walk starts from the market town, where there is a train station and plenty of parking. The route starts off uphill and once you have navigated your way around through some houses you will find yourself on a walled path toward a farm toward Lambutts road. There are cows in the field during summer but they are fairly well adjusted to humans. Once you reach the road its a quick cross over and you start the gentle ascent.

The path is quite worn/obvious and from what I remember decent condition. Once you have finished climbing you can see its a straight track to Stoodley Pike, if you cant see the monument at any part of this walk you have gone wrong somewhere! My only air for caution is that it can get extremely windy on that section toward (and at) the monument because of how exposed it is.

There is then a gentle descent through a mixture of good tracks, bit of road walking – there is also a conveniently placed pub 3/4 of the way down. From the pub you continue down, reaching the Leeds – Liverpool canal which will take you straight back to Todmorden.

River Ribble from Horton in Ribblesdale

🥾 Distance: 6 miles 🚅 Public Transport: Leeds – Carlisle Train 🗺 Navigation: 3/5 🔴 Circular Walk

This walk is great if you are wanting a fairly gentle stroll around the beautiful village of Horton in Ribblesdale. This route often gets overlooked as most people who journey to the village are seeking the famous 3 peaks.

The walk starts across the bridge from the car park, taking the little gate which leads you onto the River Ribble. The route pretty much follows the river path for at least 2.5 / 3 miles, so very easy walking. As you head toward Helwith Bridge, you get views Moughton Nab and the old limestone quarry.

Once you reach Helwith Bridge, you meet the main road. You cross onto Long Lane, this is where you will start climbing as you head in the direction of Pen-y-ghent. In fact, the walled track is where pretty much all the climbing is done, gaining an elevation of approx 600ft. Once you eventually take the left forked track off long lane, all your elevation is over and done with.

If you want to make the route longer, you can stay on the walled path, Long Lane, and that will take you straight up to Pen y Ghent via the ‘Nose’ makes the walk about 8 miles in total.

From here, you are heading for the home straight, walking toward brackenbottom (usual start of three peaks) to then head back into Horton in Ribblesdale. Overall, a very pleasant quiet walk. .

Borderley under Malham Moor

🥾 Distance: 7.3 miles 🗺 Navigation: 3/5 🔴 Circular Walk 🚗 Parking around Threshfield

This is a beautiful walk starting from the Village of Threshfield near Grassington. The walk does follow a road a fair way at the beginning, however it is a small B road that isn’t really used. I wouldn’t say this was a particularly strenuous walk, it covers about 900ft in climbing overall. But if you want something which stretches your legs without blood sweat and tears, this is probably a good one to choose.

This is a route I discovered on Where2Walk so I have included a link for further information here: https://where2walk.co.uk/walk/bordley-on-malham-moor/

Litton, Halton Gill, Plover Hill and Pen y Ghent

🥾 Distance: 13 miles 🗺 Navigation: 4.5/5 🔴 Circular Walk 🚗 Parking around Litton

This is definitely a challenging route, personally I think this is harder than the traditional route up Pen y Ghent. It is certainly a quiet route and one I would definitely recommend. The landscape is completely different from the traditional route, its like walking an entirely different Mountain. The heavy somewhat boggy moor underfoot is what part of what makes the route so challenging.

This is a route I originally found through The Walking Englishman, link for further details: https://www.walkingenglishman.com/dales10.htm

Long preston – Scaleber Force

🥾 Distance: 8 miles / 9.7 miles 🗺 Navigation: 4.5/5 🔴 Circular Walk 🚗 Parking around Long Preston 🚅 Public Transport: Possible if you do the walk in reverse and don’t mind adding an extra mile (Settle – Carlisle).

This is another often overlooked walk in the Dales, this route has rolling hills, fairly good broad tracks (especially on the 2nd half of the route) and you get to see the beautiful Scaleber Force. The route back also gives you an awesome view of Pendle Hill.

The route can be made longer when you start the walk from Long Preston, adding almost another 2 miles to the route, you will need to check the map to see which route you want to take. The walk, albeit long, isn’t overly strenuous so you can afford to add the extra distance if you wanted too. I have marked on the above map the alternative route.

Another walk found from Happy Hiker originally. Further details: http://www.happyhiker.co.uk/MyWalks/YorkshireDales/LongPrestonNewtonMooTopandScaleberForce/Hiking%20Pages%20-%20Long%20Preston%20Newton%20Moor%20and%20Scaleber%20Force.htm

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