About Amy’s Journey


Why am I here?

After discovering hiking over ten years ago, I have truly fallen in love with the mountains. Since then, I have hiked and camped all over the UK.
After struggling with my mental health for years, I have found that the outdoors has put me well on the path to recovery.
In this blog, I want to share my adventures and knowledge of the outdoors whilst creating a safe place to document my mental health journey. I hope you take away some ideas and inspiration to start your own outdoor adventure.

Blog Posts

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  1. What absolutely lovely writing, so well constructed. Helm Cragg, is not one I belive that I have walked- yet. But…

  2. A great collection of camps. How brave you are. Have you ever tried the hostel somewhere up Skiddaw? Not camping…

  3. Oh dear, poor old boots. But ten years is a good time for any pair. Btw. DUCT tape is a…